False core

This technique is based on ranged and cavalry dominance, so it leaves very little resources to invest on infantry, which generates a fragile core, that's why I call it this way.

Many rookies deploy tons of archers and infantry, forgetting about cavalry. This is a mistake, because missile units need of cavalry's mobility to be protected; only our horses can protect them from enemy horses.

There's also another common mistake: investing more on archers than on cavalry. It's better to deploy only cheap archers and good cavalry to protect them and control the battlefield, than expensive archers and mediocre cavalry that may not be able to protect them.

When using this strategy, cavalry should also be used to threaten enemy advance, to make them hesitate and reorganize. That's free time for our archers to shoot at them.

Finally, it's important to generate shooting lines for our ranged units with the infantry, and also to move our ranged units to generate these lines. In the video you can see how I end up with my archers on somethink like an U shaped formation, so that left archers have good shoot line against right enemies and viceversa.

And an example of a big funds parthian army. There's a trick with this army: to activate the shield formation just before the enemy charge, which generates gaps between our ranks that our archers can use.

Parthian false core